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Barbed Wire Was Invented In America

An awesome fact came to light not too long ago. If you are a true patriot then you should be quite proud of this discovery too. Unfortunately, the name of the inventor cannot be recalled at this time, time is against us, but it was both surprising and interesting to note that barbed wire was invented in America. That invention was made way more than one hundred years ago. Around the time pioneers were venturing west to stake their claims on vast tracts of unused agricultural land, one man, a pioneer himself, engineered the manufacture of barbed wire.

Today, many businesses around the world are making full use of security barbed wire. The original intention in surrounding vast tracts of as yet unharvested land was to provide the land owner with security and protection for his giant property and small, growing family. There were many intruders out there in the wild, wild west, some of them quite dangerous. Prairie wolves prowled the perimeters of the owner’s land, hungrily eyeing his first herd of cattle.

security barbed wire

Wanting to profit from other men’s hard work, cattle rustlers scoured the land on horseback. Horse thieves were quite abundant too. Setting all emotions aside, all that will be said at this time is that the legacy of the endless prairies’ original inhabitants was a long one. They endured tragedies too, just like the American pioneers. And there were some who were brave enough to fight for their land back. Without the cavalry to back him up, the lonesome farmer with young wife and child at least had the use of barbed wire to hold up any hostile posse for a little while longer.

America also has the world’s most formidable military. And many base camps are secured with barbed wire.